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About Me

Ezra Moleko (he/him) is a writer and editor for The Bull & Bear. He was born in London, Ontario, and lives in Montreal, Quebec, where he attends McGill University as a fourth-year Political Science undergraduate. He enjoys covering a variety of topics, including music, media, politics, and video games, but most especially topics in athletics and pop culture. Ezra frequently likes to write pieces which contextualize sports news in a way which allows the unacquainted to understand them as facets of greater observable trends in society. He strives to learn from and share information with people through empathetic communication and collective learning.


At McGill University, Ezra is currently a fourth-year Political Science student working towards his Bachelor’s Degree, where his love for writing essays and analyses naturally finds an outlet. Ezra is also with The Bull & Bear as the Inaugural Editor and Head of the Sports section, where he frequently contributes on all manner of sports-related issues at all levels of competition.


  • Writing essays, articles, journals, analyses for publication
  • Sports analysis on blogs and podcasts
  • Pop Culture analysis


Outside of covering sports topics, Ezra very much enjoys a competitive game of Basketball, Football or any other sort of sport. In his spare time, Ezra likes to cook and learn about food, write short stories, read novels, and take long walks through nature. Ezra can also frequently be found talking a well-meaning friend’s ear off about politics.

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