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Meig Campbell (she/her) is a Freelance Writer for University Life. She is passionate about the written word and connecting her past university experiences, along with her love of reality television, into her writing pieces. Born and bred in Nova Scotia, Meig has travelled to every inch of the province without leaving the lobster-loving land she calls home. After graduating Acadia University, Meig moved to Halifax and can most often be seen staring at a blank Google Doc on her laptop screen with a bemused expression on her face.


Meig was raised in Enfield, Nova Scotia, an area well known for being five minutes away from Halifax International Airport. Always having a keen interest in literature and writing, these passions led Meig to enroll at Acadia University’s English program after graduating high school. She subsequently graduated from Acadia in 2019 with an English degree that mattered very little to many employers in Nova Scotia. Meig has since made use of her education and treasured experiences at university by delving into the world of freelance writing. Now writing for various online outlets, including University Apartments, Meig is finally able to continuously develop her skills in writing. 


  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading


When not meeting her deadlines in exasperation, Meig is usually reading refined literature, eating refined cheeses, or watching refined art, like the Real Housewives. On any given day, Meig is either fiercely advocating for the women featured in her beloved reality shows or she is preparing a delicious meal for her cat named Ham.

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