Mor Argaman


About Me

Mor Argaman (she/her) is the UX and Content Coordinator at University Apartments Canada and University Life’s Senior Editor. She was born in Israel and raised in Montreal, Quebec, where she now lives. She is passionate about connecting individuals and communities through empathy and empowerment, and she enjoys studying the meaningful interactions that emerge through physical and digital media. Above all, Mor is interested in understanding people and their behaviours, and using this understanding to advocate for users and their needs.


Through her Bachelor’s degree in Honours Anthropology at Concordia University, Mor completed her undergraduate dissertation on the topic of Instagram and identity negotiation, combining her love of social media and self-discovery. Her focus then shifted to UX Research and Design, allowing her to apply her interest in people and human behaviour to build engaging and intuitive products. She hopes to use her skills and expertise to inform the development of products that make people’s lives better and that provide a platform for underrepresented and marginalized voices.


  • Research
  • UX
  • Writing
  • Social Media
  • Ethnography
  • Communication


In her spare time, Mor coaches competitive dance teams and is a dancer herself. She also enjoys spending lots of time in nature, working on her yoga practice, cooking meals for/with her friends, and making art. She hopes to one day include “playing with her cat” in this section, but for now she’s still extremely allergic (but will probably get a cat anyway because, come on, it’s so worth it).


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