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The historic South End is a lively neighbourhood marked by its specialty boutiques, charming galleries, and easy access to lush greenspace and waterways.

Most importantly, it’s home to Dalhousie University’s Studley campus and a bustling community of university students, further adding to the fun vibe. Luckily for you, South End is full of amazing restaurants and cafés for you to enjoy solo or with your roomies, as well as tons of beautiful parks, historic sites, and waterfront boardwalks.

Take advantage of South End’s seamless blend between urban living and natural landscapes, all while making the most of your university experience. We couldn’t think of a better neighbourhood to house our new student apartment building, SEE-MORE, launching in September 2022.


Here are some of our favourite spots in the ‘hood for your convenience:

Coburg Social Bar and Café

6085 Coburg Rd
Coburg Social is THE go-to spot for a reason. Their coffee is incredible, their baked goods are always fresh, and the ambiance is impeccable. If you’re looking for a cozy study spot just minutes away from campus, this is the place for you.

Thomas McCulloch Museum

1355 Oxford St
Calling this museum unique would be a major understatement. Tucked away in the halls of Dalhousie’s Biology Department, it boasts an impressive collection of Nova Scotian birds, colourful ceramic mushrooms, skulls and skeletons, and more. Entry is free, so you can easily go check it out between classes.

Halifax Public Gardens

Spring Garden Rd. &, Summer St
Described as “one of the finest surviving examples of a Victorian Garden in North America,” these gardens are definitely worth checking out on a sunny day. Come here for a relaxing afternoon stroll, or even set up a picnic with your roomies and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Glitter Bean Café

5896 Spring Garden Rd
This is more than just your typical cafe- it was brought to life by workers who envisioned a warm, welcoming, inclusive place that catered towards creating a safe community space for LGBTQ2SIA+ customers. On top of that, their coffee and food is delicious!

Mary’s Place Café II

5982 Spring Garden Rd
This super homey cafe has been happily serving students for ages now, and they’ve managed to create a wonderful space that makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. Their food is to die for and the service is incredible. You’re definitely gonna want to come here during your lunch breaks.

Triple A Convenience and Pizzeria

6279 Jubilee Rd
This family-owned convenience store and mini-resto is ideal for a late night slice or a midday ice cream sandwich. They have pretty much anything you could possibly be craving, and it’s always served with a smile.

Emera Oval

5775 Cogswell St
Although it’s a bit further away from campus than the other places we’ve highlighted for you, it’s totally worth checking out. It’s the perfect skating rink in the winter, and the ideal spot for roller skating and rollerblading in the warmer months. Its impressive size means you’ll have more than enough room to flex on your roomies with your spins and tricks.

Second Cup Coffee Co.

6225 University Ave
This Second Cup happens to be directly on campus, making it the perfect one-stop shop for those hectic mornings where you run out of the house with an empty stomach and no coffee in hand after hitting the snooze button one too many times (happens to the best of us).

Dalhousie Community Garden

Henry St, Halifax, NS B3H 3J6
If you’ve ever considered gardening but decided against it due to a lack of greenspace in/around your home, now’s the time to take that leap and go for it. This community garden offers discounted prices for students, which should make your decision that much easier. Even if you’re not into gardening, this is the perfect spot to surround yourself with greenery and appreciate your community members’ hard work!

Studley Gym and Dance Studio

6185 South St
Staying active throughout the semester has never been easier with this gym and dance studio right on campus. Opt for solo workouts to stay ultra-focused, or come along with a friend so you can both keep each other on track!

The Golden Square Mile, located at the foot of Montréal’s infamous Mount-Royal, is home to some of the most striking architecture and, of course, to McGill University’s downtown campus.

Always guaranteed that something cool is going on (likely multiple cool things) at all times… You’ll find tons of cheap eats, many of which are open 24h or super late (perfect for munchies after a night of partying), as well as high-end restaurants to impress your parents with when they come visit you.

Apart from food, you’ll also find pretty much anything you need or want right round the corner from you. The Golden Square Mile’s reputation as the most happening place in town as our cultural hub is why it’s the perfect spot for our brand new student apartment residence, LeMILDORÉ.


We’ve compiled all the coolest (and most useful) spots in the ‘hood for your convenience…

Tim Horton’s

Time Hortons in Golden Square Mile

2035 Rue Stanley

It’s rare to find a Montréal student who can go more than a day without their Timmie’s double-double coffee and bagel. Roll up the rim & join the club!

Joe’s Panini

Joes Panini Golden Square Mile

1404 Rue Drummond

Probs our number one panini shop in MTL. Super cheap, lots of options, great staff, and it’s pretty much THE spot for the after-after-party (open 24h!)

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts in Golden Square Mile

1380 Rue Sherbrooke O

The perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon or a cold winter day, either with friends or on your own. They have a permanent exhibition that’s free, as well as seasonal exhibitions that you can buy tickets for online.

Club Sportif MAA

Club Sportif MAA Golden square mile

1050 Rue Sherbrooke O

This gym is on the higher end in terms of fees (do ask about their student rates, though!), but can you really put a price on staying active and feeling good? If you need a bit more than even the state-of-the-art McGill gym facilities offer, this is the place. Fancy gym is fancy.


McKibbin's Irish Pub Golden square mile

1426 Rue Bishop

If you’ve done frosh, you’ve probably been to this Irish pub already. Cheap drinks, awesome people, really fun vibes. Need we say more?

Super Sandwich

Super Sandwiches Golden square mile

1115 Rue Sherbrooke O

Tucked away in the heart of a condo building is this well-kept McGill secret. Super Sandwiches provide quick, cheap sustenance between classes or activities on campus.

SSMU Building

SSMU Building Golden square mile

3600 McTavish St

The Students’ Society of McGill University building, lovingly nicknamed Shatner, is home to the university’s club offices, Players’ theatre, hangout spots, the lounge and café.


Boustan Golden square mile

2020 Rue Crescent
Of course we had to include another late-night post-partying munchies spot on our list, since it’ll come in handy. Boustan has some of the best garlic potatoes in the city, take our word for it.

Le Warehouse

Le Warehouse Golden square mile

1446 Rue Crescent

Come here for dinner with a group of friends and split a bunch of yummy entrées without denting your wallet too much. It’s worth noting that their drinks menu is also off the charts…

Le Taj

Le Taj storefront

2077 Rue Stanley

Montréal’s reputation as a cultural mosaic is in part due to its wide array of incredible food options no matter where you are in the city. If you’re on the hunt for amazing Indian food, look no further!