Queer and Trans-Friendly Healthcare Services for Canadian Students


It can be hard to find good health services, and even harder when looking for LGBTQ2SIA+ care. Sadly, these services are often lacking. It took me a few years of running around to find what I needed, with some friendly guidance along the way. Even now, it can still feel daunting. So I’ve put together some of the resources I’ve found, through experience and research, that can hopefully help you in your journey, too!


Concordia University

The Centre for Gender Advocacy provides free resources like binders, or safe sex and drug use products. It also offers peer support and advocacy. It’s Concordia-based, but open to anyone!

The Health Services Clinic offers a range of testing and care, including for sexual health. There are doctors available to prescribe hormones if you want or need quick access. A blood test and consent form are required. However, if you do this, I suggest getting on a waitlist for a GP or endocrinologist right away. You’ll have to transfer care at some point, and the waitlists are long. I didn’t do it, and it makes things way more stressful! You’ll likely get better care from someone more specialized, too.

Counselling & Psychological Services provides short-term psychotherapy, as needed.

Taking good care of our mental health is just as important as caring for our bodies.


therapist meeting with person writing on a clipboard

McGill University

The McGill University Sexual Identity Centre (MUSIC) offers short-term psychotherapy to LGBTQ2SIA+ folks. Depending on the care needed, they also provide workshops or couple, family, and group therapy. Note that their info section on booking says a referral is usually needed. This service is covered by Medicare, as well as other provincial and private health insurance.

Shag Shop is an online boutique that sells a range of sex-related products. This includes protection, lubricant, toys, menstrual products, and pregnancy tests. It also provides sexual health information.

Queer McGill is a queer student-led service that offers gender and sex gear, as well as health and wellness resources for students and locals. It’s McGill-based, but open to all!


ASTT(e)Q is a trans-led local service focused on trans health and wellbeing. It offers peer support, accompaniment for medical appointments, information and referrals, harm reduction materials, and workshops, as well as STI testing and vaccinations.

Project 10 provides a range of services. This includes free gender gear, referral lists for trans-affirming medical care, accompaniment for appointments, advocacy, and more!

AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) provides services for people living with HIV and/or hepatitis C. This includes treatment information and support services, as well as preventative education.

The Argyle Institute is a counselling and psychotherapy service. They offer therapy on a sliding scale or private basis. There are a number of professionals specialized in LGBTQ2SIA+ care listed, including those who can provide referrals for gender-affirming surgeries.



Dalhousie University

The Student Health & Wellness Centre offers a variety of health services. This includes STI testing, hormone therapy, and referrals for gender-affirming surgeries.


prideHealth is an online resource intended to help LGBTQ2SIA+ individuals navigate the Nova Scotian healthcare system. They offer information and referrals for gender-affirming care, sexual health and other queer or trans-specific needs.

The Halifax Sexual Health Centre is a clinic that offers STI testing, pregnancy tests, and sexual health education. It also provides gender-affirming care, including hormone therapy (referral required), and assistance with referrals and organizing surgeries.


This is by no means a complete list of services available to students in these regions but it should give at least give you somewhere to start! I also haven’t used all of these services personally, so as always, I urge you to do your own research. Browse online, or ask LGBTQ2SIA+ peers about their own experiences. Know your options, they won’t all work for everyone. Find the services that suit your specific needs, and where you feel comfortable. While it can be challenging at times, it’s so important to take good care of yourself.


Stay safe! 🏳️‍🌈




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