University Life, managed by University Apartments, is an online community for students in Canada looking for resources and tools that will help them make the most of their university experience, wherever you happen to be from and wherever in Canada you happen to be studying.

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Our platform is meant to connect students from different universities across Canada and give them the opportunity to learn about all the joys, complexities, and tribulations of uni life through other students’ eyes. Read more about each of our talented writers and editors here!

Enjoy exploring various aspects of being a university student by reading through our playbook, which contains our writers’ articles where they discuss their personal experiences and what they’ve learned over the years. Take comfort in the fact that others have been through what you may be struggling with at the moment; we sincerely hope this platform makes you feel less alone in what tends to be an overwhelming time in one’s life.

We’re here to support you through the tough times, and help you appreciate all the good times.

Our Values

We work hard to ensure our values of diversity, discovery, and design are at the centre of the content we create, the way we run our publication, and our interactions with YOU, the reader.

The student experience is nuanced and is therefore impossible to simplify or generalize, and that’s why we hire student writers and editors of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultural identities. We hope to represent university life in a way that all students in Canada can relate to, and in a way that makes you feel heard and valued.


We aim to support students of all perspectives, orientations, and experiences. With our value of diversity comes a commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and tolerance.

Our playbook is for & by students, meaning there should be something for every student in Canada to relate to, despite the fact that studying in Canada isn’t a universal experience.

At the end of the day, our goal is to make all our readers feel represented and understood; if there’s a topic you feel is missing from our playbook, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. We’re super keen on connecting with students across Canada and hearing more about what really matters to them!


Discovery is such an important part of being a student; this is a pivotal time for exploration and learning, whether it be exploring your identity and learning more about who you are and how to navigate this transitional period, or finding out more about resources offered at your university and exploring all the cool opportunities there that you may not have known about before.

We’re here to support and uplift you through student life resources, advice and opinion pieces from one student to another, and tons of valuable insight you can only really gain from experience (or from reading about someone else’s experience). There is value in external discovery (so many cool events, cafés, and bars out there!) and internal self-discovery (this new chapter of your life will be full of ups and downs). We hope to guide you through it all!

Our approach to design is wholeheartedly user-centric. University Life as a virtual student community mirrors the physical student communities we build and manage right by various universities in cities across Canada through University Apartments.

Whether you’re scrolling through our online platform or strolling through one of our incredible student communities, we hope you feel safe, empowered, and understood. Putting our readers and the tenants in our buildings at the core of our mission and projects allows us to ensure that whatever we design is catered specifically to you so that you can feel valued, as you should.

We genuinely hope to make you feel at home both in our sweet student buildings, and within this online platform. UL and UA design with community in mind, always.



SEE-MORE besties cafe


Right across from Dalhousie, SEE-MORE offers Hali students bright, fully-furnished apartments and 4 incredible common spaces catered to university life.

SEE-MORE besties cafe
Le mildore


Le Mildoré is a brand new Montreal student apartment building with fully-furnished, beautifully designed units right by McGill University on Peel and Sherbrooke.

Le mildore