Important Resources for Writers and Editors at Montreal Universities

February 24, 2022


Many incoming university students in the humanities have an affinity for the written word, but may not know where to explore their passion for writing or how to navigate the world of publishing.

It can be great practice for aspiring writers and editors to hone their skills by working in student publications and begin developing an online portfolio throughout their studies. Universities in Montreal have the resources, programs of study, and artistic communities that can get you started and help you develop into a successful writer and editor.


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Concordia University

Concordia University is widely known for its Creative Writing program, one of the first in the country. Students may apply for a Major, Minor or Honours degree with the submission of a portfolio of work.

Becoming acquainted with professors with expertise in the field and finding your voice are just some of the many benefits of this program. Perhaps most importantly, you get to meet other aspiring writers, hear their perspectives and feedback, and discover the larger creative community in Montreal through school-run initiatives such as Writers Read.

In addition to the multiple Creative Writing programs, Concordia also offers an industry-specific Professional Writing minor. While this program is solely offered as a minor, it can be the perfect accompaniment to other degrees such as English Literature, Political Science, Journalism, and Business, among others.

The minor provides strategies for effective communication with courses such as Advanced Composition, Grammar Usage & Style, Writing for Diverse Audiences, and Technical and Business Writing. You can browse course descriptions and degree requirements through the university’s Undergraduate Calendar.

In terms of publications from Concordia University, there is The Link, a student-run newspaper with a focus on advocacy journalism. Many aspiring journalists get their start with this well-known forum.

The Concordian is an independent newspaper that provides local news, arts, music, sports and opinions to the Concordia University community. To find more information on how to get involved with their publication, click here.

For the creative writers and editors, Soliloquies Anthology is a biannual literary publication where students can get the chance to edit, curate and publish other writers’ content and get involved in Montreal’s diverse literary community.

Concordia University Magazine stems from the University Advancement team, which can be a great option for careers after your degree or for Co-op opportunities. The mag, published three times a year, highlights the ongoing achievements of Concordia alumni and the school’s current students/faculties.


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McGill University

McGill’s Writing Centre offers courses for Continuing Education students, such as Writing the Internet, communicating in disciplines such as Management, Engineering and Science, as well as a non-credit Professional Writing in Business course. These classes aim to develop high-communication skills and techniques that will bring your ideas to life.

The Bull & The Bear is a student-run magazine with a large staff that serves in-depth and insightful views on current campus events. It is a source of information and vibrant opinion made by and for McGill students.

On the literary side, The Veg is a biannual creative writing publication that features prose, poetry and visual work from McGill students. Their primary mission is to provide a venue for writers and artists to express themselves without fixating on specific genres of literature or a preconceived aesthetic.

The McGill Tribune, also an entirely student-run newspaper, includes a biannual Creative Supplement that publishes student poetry, fiction, art, music, photography and videography. It is yet another outlet for McGill’s creative population to either express themselves or gain some worthwhile experience.

McGill News is the institution’s alumni magazine, where readers get the opportunity to be updated on the accomplishments of McGill graduates and receive the latest news about the university.

McGill’s Faculty of Law also has its alumni print publication, Focus Law, as well as its online counterpart. The faculty also has a number of student-run peer-reviewed journals, all of which are listed on this page.


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At Montreal’s English universities, there have been conscious efforts to provide opportunities for students to jump start their creative careers through outlets such as newspapers, literary anthologies, masterclasses with published writers, and more.

In a world that is beginning to see the importance of written communication and artistic expression as we transition to more virtual spaces, these resources are only a sign of the efforts currently being taken for creative minds who are often overlooked.




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